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Soft Starters

Reduce power surge and protect your equipment from high voltage

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Soft Starters


  1. Intelligent digital motor soft start equipment system with the complete protection function
  2. Reducing the cost of system cost and extend the service life of the system
  3. Ideal alternative for traditional star triangle starter and self-coupling decompression starter
  4. Improving the reliability of system and compatible with all the functions of starting equipment

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General Features


More control methods

  • SCKRI -6000 soft starter with 6 kinds of start-up mode, 12 kinds of protection, two parking.
  • To MCLJ as the core, the use of intelligent digital control for a variety of load squirrel-cage induction motor start; allows the motor under any conditions can be smooth start. a good protection of the drag system, reducing the starting current on Power grid impact, to ensure reliable start of the motor: smooth deceleration stop, drag the system to eliminate the reaction of inertia: a complete system protection, extend system life, reduce system cost, improve system reliability compatible with all start The various functions of the device, is the traditional star triangle, since the anti-pressure relief

Product Technical Characteristics

  • Main circuit working voltage: AC 380V480V (t 10% — - 25%)
  • Main circuit working current: 22A — 1200A
  • Main circuit frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (± 2%)
  • Soft start rise time: 2 — 60s
  • Soft parking time: O — 60s
  • Current limit multiples: 1.5 — 5.01e
  • Initial voltage: 30% — 70% Ue
  • Cooling method: fan cooling
  • Communication method: RS485 serial communication
  • Starting times: 20 times I hour

Technical Characteristics

  • Six kinds of starting parameters are available to facilitate a motor soft starter to start different power of the motor load;
  • Dynamic fault memory function, easy to find the cause of the malfunction;
  • Over-current, three-phase current imbalance, overheating, lack of phase, motor overload and other comprehensive motor integrated protection;
  • Powerful software features, rich hardware configuration, easy to meet the changing needs of various industries;
  • Profibus I Modbus two communication protocols to choose from;
  • Compact structure design, easy to install, easy to use;
  • User-friendly mode of operation, the display interface can be flexibly selected: LED or LCD display. Make the operation handy;
  • Menu tree grouped by function for easy operation.

Kick Mode

Kickstart mode output change waveform. In some heavy occasions, due to mechanical static friction cannot start the motor, you can use this starting mode. At start-up, a high fixed voltage is applied to the motor for a limited period of time to overcome the static friction of the motor load, causing the motor to rotate and then starting in either current- limiting (Figure 1) or voltage ramp (Figure 2) Before using this mode, you should start the motor with non-sudden jump mode. If the motor cannot rotate because the static friction force is too big, then select this mode or you should avoid using this mode to start, so as to reduce unnecessary high current impact.

Real Language Real-time Display

    With real-time meter displays and 10 event log records, it has never been easier to track motor performance and make your work easier

Higher Ultra-intelligent Move

    FBM-6000 allows you to control the motor starting. You can choose the best soft start control method for your application. For applications that require precise control of the motor starting current, FBM-6000 offers you a choice of dual closed-loop or current-ramp start-up options.

Easy to Install

    If the motor control center has limited space, using the compact design of FBM-6000 saves 70% space, eliminates the need for bypassing the contactor, and reduces primary and secondary costs by more than 30%.

Remote Monitor Installation

    With an optional operator panel mounting kit, the operator panel is easily mounted outside the cabinet. If you install multiple soft starters in a single cabinet, this allows for centralized control in one place, with all the relevant information. You can also install multiple monitors side-by-side to quickly diagnose problems. (After installation the protection level is IP65)

Smoother Stop

    The CPU also provides precise control of soft stops for applications that require smoother soft stops. CPU for small inertia loads, such as pumps and conveyors, can greatly reduce or even eliminate the water hammer effect.

Detachable Connectors and Unique Connectors

    Plug-in control wiring board, it is easy to install. Just unplug each terminal block, then plug the line back into the terminal block. FBM-6000 can use the unique flexible cable routing effective arrangement of the cable, the cable can be from the top, left or bottom line.

Cooling Innovation

    High speed fan plus out of the wind grille, 360 degrees all-round cooling, when the soft-start fan high-speed operation, soft start and stop the fan chime five minutes to automatically stop functioning, to achieve intelligent cooling, so that users are not wasting every kWh.

Communication Innovation

    (RJ-45, DB9 and other plug-in, built-in RS485, RS232 interface, providing Chinese PC software, user-friendly remote debugging and control)

Faster Debug

    FBM-6000 is easy to use at design time considering the ease of use menu is not surprising. After installation, the quick setup menu assists you in configuring the starter for common applications: it suggests a typical value that you can fine tune to your own needs, all with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Software Innovation

    A wider range of applications Built-in smart power motherboard, but Paul remote places, low voltage or voltage instability led to the device cannot get up, intelligent power supply board can be within the voltage 150V- 460V application equipment to achieve the normal starting requirements. New current-voltage coefficient, built-in power board can be directly calibrated current and voltage. Start delay parameters, when the equipment power failure, the soft starter automatically delayed after 5 minutes

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