Solar Pump Inverters

Our High-Quality Solar Pumping Inverters Are The Best Solution To:

  • Drive your pump in remote areas
  • Save Money
  • Protect The Environment Using Solar Energy
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It’s Time

to Go Solar

Your costumers are probably suffering from the increasing prices of petrol or electricity. Why don’t you offer a smart solution to help them save money on hard maintenance and become environment-friendly? FBM provides you a sustainable solution using the high quality products, the best expertise, and competitive after-sales service whenever you need it.

how it works

Solar panels convert sunlight in DC current, so that our solar pumping inverters switch direct current (DC) power supply from solar panels to alternating current (AC) and drive the pump.

In the morning when the sun comes the inverter starts to operate the pump and in the evening stops the pump. All this operations are automatic you do not need do anything.

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  • 3-phase solar pump inverter with MMPT technology to maximizing power
  • Built-in C3 EMC filter and DSP technology and Infineon PIM design, with functions of light weak protection, dry run and low voltage, full water warning, overvoltage and over-temperature protection
  • Advanced calculation for Pump flow and monitoring display
  • Automatic running without any commissioning in keypad control and GPRS monitoring option (as option)
  • Generation Efficiency Of Solar Modules.
  • Adjust Water Outflow Of Pumps Quickly On Basis Of Sunlight Intensity Change.
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Your Sustainable Future is Now

Easy Installation

Tailored solution to suit all applications and locations

Low Maintenance

High-Quality And Reliable Products That Require Low-Maintenance

Long-Term Solution

Designed To Live Longer With The Same High-Quality Performance

Lower Costs

Save Money With Sustainable Energy


No Release Of Harmful Emissions

Full Warranty

Providing One To Two-Year Warranty

Solutions Tailored

Around Your Needs

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